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If you close your eyes and think back to Murray the K, the Brooklyn Paramount, the street lights on Belmont Avenue, the boulevards of Bensonhurst, straphanging from a leather strap on your way to see "Dem Bums", Frankie, Dion, WMCA Good Guys, cruising the streets in a '56 Chevy with the windows cranked down, singing to the tunes on your portable AM radio, and a host of other good times, you’ll know why “The Classic Sounds” sing DooWop. That's why a surgeon, a plumber, 2 teachers, and a musician can lean in close to each other, sing those back-up sounds that are second nature to us all, give you a little hand jive and a smile, and make you remember what "feel good" acappella music is all about.

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Classic Sounds - Heart and Soul

Classic Sounds - Heart and Soul

Awards & Recognition

Classic Sounds - Sing Strong Awards

Sing Strong Aca Idol

Washington DC Winner 2010
Audience Favorite
Winner 2013

Classic Sounds - Don K. Reed

Don K. Reed
Acappella Showdown

Winner 2009
Winner 2011

Classic Sounds - Izod Center

Izod Center Competition

Classic Sounds won the acappella competition at the Izod Center at the Meadowlands on 6/13/09.