Classic Sounds
Julie Seda - Classic Sounds


Julie is a high school ENL/ESL teacher in the Bronx, NY. Julie is on the board of directors for SingStrong and helps produce acappella festivals each year to help raise money for local charities and Alzheimer's research. In between school and fund raising, Julie can be found at karaoke, backstage at the WBT, or rehearsing for a community theatre productions. Julie has shared her talents with several groups and has recorded many CD’s. She is thrilled to be a part of Classic Sounds. Her love of harmony and her "Seda" ear has brought the group to another level! She is excited about the debut of their new CD, and is thrilled to help recreate the golden sounds of the 50s. Julie sings lead, first tenor, second tenor, and baritone.

Gabe Dassa - Classic Sounds


Gabe is an Orthopaedic Surgeon. He has grown up around Doo-Wop singers since he was in diapers. His father was a childhood friend of Robert Carr of Robert and Johnny, and he developed his ear listening to the pioneers of Doo-Wop music who sang in his home while he was growing up. In between operations, Gabe has performed in community theater productions as Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar, and in Godspell. He is also a member of Westchester Chordsmen. Gabe manages Classic Sounds working hard to keep their calendar full. He also records, mixes, produces, and masters the groups CD’s and musical tracks. With Classic Sounds he sings lead and first tenor, second tenor and falsetto.

Steven Aversano - Classic Sounds


Steve Aversano is one of the original founding members of Classic Sounds. He started singing Doo Wop with the late Billy Calbo and Bob Seda at the age of 16. A few years later at the age of twenty Steve joined Billy Calbo, Bob Seda, Gabe Dassa and Al Fennel as members of the World renowned barbershop chorus “The Westchester Chordsmen”. It was from this chorus where Classic Sounds was conceived. Steve has shared the stage with many of the all time greats in the business. Steve appreciates all genres of music but feels blessed to sing this iconic music we call Doo Wop.

Bob Seda - Classic Sounds


Bob is a licensed Master Plumber and is currently a NYC plumbing inspector. Bob has sung for Nicholas Cage, Martin Scorcese, Tony Bennett, Rudy Giuliani and has appeared on The David Letterman Show. He also sings with a Barbershop Chorus, the Westchester Chordsmen, for the past 23 years. He has also sung in three groups formed by Billy Calbo; and is a Cantor in church. Bob has traveled the United States performing with his Barbershop Quartet Variety Pack. He and his family have won various singing contests with their unique talent. Bob sings lead, first tenor, second tenor and baritone.

Bob Seda - Classic Sounds


Al has over 40 years of musical experience. He is a retired music educator who taught in upper Westchester County. Al has enriched the lives of his students for 37 years. He was the director for the world famous Westchester Chordsmen Barbershop Chorus for 10 years; and has performed nationally and internationally for captive audiences. His music has been heard in the mountains of Italy and on the Great Wall of China. Al anchors the Classic Sounds with his rich bass.


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